String Lights Decor Ideas For The Spotless Mind

String lights give a gravity of comfort and warmth to the most habitual places. They play with the surrounding shadows and create a masquerade of colour.They work perfectly with any interior design element enhancing its unique features and characteristics. To get the best string lights decor ideas we have searched far and wide and found some pretty inspiring stuff. [click to continue]

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Easter Egg Fun is Incoming.

Easter Egg Fun is Incoming!

Not only March signals the incoming of the Spring, it also, as you presumably know it, bears a huge historical significance. Despite the fact that these days we have successfully downgraded the whole Easter procession to a simple Easter egg fun (well, it’s not that bad actually), [click to continue]

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5 Hippie interior design ideas for peace

5 Hippie Interior Design Ideas for Peace

Flower power, sisters and brothers! And it is not the “big thing” only in obscure communities of the Californian underground. Hippie ideals still pretty much have their former charm and significance while the music of the era still encourages to think, love and believe that the only meaning of the “V” sign is peace! [click to continue]

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Creame’s Pre Spring Collection Will Make Your Heart Sing

February is closing to an end, and the season of spring is dashing into our lives. The longer daylight hours, the warmer touches of air and the more jubilant rays of the Sun, all make the birds sing and our hearts jump. That is why we have created a pre spring collection that will ignite your soul with artistic enchantment and release your inner bewilderment for all things nature. [click to continue]

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Examples Of Modern Art That Are Just So…Modern Art

Styles such as Impressionism and Expressionism planted the roots of modern art many years ago by redefining what is beautiful and what is art. The new age artists did this by abstaining from the restrictions of École des Beaux-Arts. Examples of modern art begin with the heritage painters like Vincent van Gogh, Paul Cézanne, Georges Seurat and Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec all of whom were imperative for the development [click to continue]

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