Creame says: “Art is a Necessity, but Quality Matters as Well!”

Art. Does art matter? If yes, then why? If no, then why we have so many galleries from generation to generation? Is it our nature to express ourselves through different kinds of art or is it a method to expose our souls?  Art matters, because love matters and sense of life matters, and there is no answer, but it does matter. For every artist who admires his/her work, quality is a very important thing because quality and material reveals the sense of certain artwork.

For Creame art is a necessity, but [click to continue]

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room skull bw

Something For The Halloween-Hungry!

Set a unique “Trick or Treat” ambiance with amazing wall art prints

One of the biggest fun fests of the year is coming to town! Dark and gloomy, but indisputably fun, Halloween 2015 with its whole entourage is here to turn your neighbourhood into a place for the movie characters and all kinds of positive weirdos to meet, celebrate and, of course – beg for candies! Always interesting to look at, but even more fun is to be part of it, so – no need for the Ghostbusters here! Actually, we encourage you to decorate your place for the Halloween with some chic, grotesque and amazing wall art! [click to continue]

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Tazza caffe

Life with a smile!

The exclusive artist of creame – Virgola

Custom photo canvas, aluminum prints or acryl — the matter of material is important as important is the artwork and the idea behind every artwork itself. Creame is the leading destination for artwork prints, with a selection of visual designers and artists from all over the world, and one of our exclusive artists is the ordinary and living with a smile Virgola! [click to continue]

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