Digital Pop Art by Gloria Sanchez

Gloria Sanchez is a Spanish illustrator based in Prague, Czech Republic. Her work consists of photo-montage and illustration editing, which in three words could be classified as digital pop art. By combining the new and vintage, she creates ethereal pieces of art in a whimsical pop-culturesque vibe. [click to continue]

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Summer Accessories With a Touch of Watercolour

Summer is in full bloom and the time is now to discover what Creame has to offer. Our army of super creative talents is growing larger and larger by the day. Some artists are just THE trendsetters for summer 2016, from black and white doodles to ultra-realistic portraits of celebs – we have it all. Yet one has caught my eye for her enticing illustrations – [click to continue]

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harry potter 67

A Harry Potter Influenced Wizardly Charm

The Harry Potter novels have become one of the biggest phenomena of the last decade, with every succeeding book breaking records, and with over 450 million books sold it is hard to say that a Harry Potter world does not exist on its own. To pay homage to J.K. Rowling’s efforts we offer you a Harry Potter exclusive. [click to continue]

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