Creating a Wall Art Collage

How to hang your canvas art print

During your web-based quest for design solutions, have you ever encountered a beautiful picture of multiple wall art prints positioned as if by accident, but a one that somehow still looks great? And after you try to repeat the same recipe, it becomes a painful experience embodied by falling canvases, damaged surface of the wall and a one ugly scene in general? That’s when you discover that there actually is [click to continue]

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Chess as a Framed Canvas Art on a Board

The celebration of game with our very special canvas HD

Celebrating a unique chess event, featuring the Russian chess genius Anatoly Karpov, the head of the Picanova family presented1 (13)
the legend with a tastefully simple 
framed canvas art, created by our beloved audience’s darling Virgola, withheld in her magical fashion of minimal imagery that feels rich in its harmony.  

The match took place in Riga, the capital city of Latvia and was held at the freshly built Tal Residence, an architectural masterpiece that serves as tribute to the famously expressive chess player Michael Tal and would be worth an individual canvas HD print itself. [click to continue]

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