Your Chic, Romantic Decoration for Bedroom

Although, in nowadays, bedroom is considered to be a rather conventional place for romantic expressions, it still remains the place where it all ends after a fantastic night out, and, in the best case scenario, continues as a wonderful morning!

Trying not to slip into too many innuendos, we’ll try to uncover what should be your kind of a romantic decoration for the bedroom! After all, Valentine’s already knocking on our door! This time, viewer’s discretion is not necessary.

French Influence

Stereotype detected. Okay, just because it’s a stereotype, doesn’t mean it will not work. After all, French have always been considered to possess an admirable expertise in all things romantic. Here are a couple of French-inspired bedroom design solutions, both for those who enjoy the 18th-century era aesthetics and those who prefer the golden age of Goddard


Heavy furnishings with filigree ornamentations in the style of Revolution-era France. Everything from the bed to the curtains should resemble the values and beauty of the old world.  Soft lighting from a pair of 18th-century chandelier replicas will set the atmosphere!


soft, neutral hues;

 soft, neutral fabrics 

oversized headboard

regal aesthetics

Light and 60’s-styled furnishings to bring in some of the French New Wave! Here a minimal setting has the maximal power, so keep it down! To initiate your imagination, we suggest picturing the following scene! You’re in a 60’s France, another student protest has concluded in anarchy, so you and your just discovered significant other, run to your hostel, and amidst all the chaos and uncertainty about tomorrow you suddenly start to kiss in the most passionate possible way! Just like in some sort of a Goddard’s movie! In a setting that resembles “Le Petit Soldat” (you should see it, it’s great)! A love between two young birds born out of danger.



  • Contrast (pillows and bedsheets – chocolate brown with light blue pattern on them)
  • Black and white monotony. This color combo has an extremely vogue, 60’s vibe! To understand the power of this color couple, check out the artwork of Bridget Riley
  • Flat painted walls
  • Framed wall art posters (something like this) and wall murals can really help to infuse that 60’s France vibe! Use references to the mod culture (logos and symbols) of the 60s Britain! 

But of Course, You can Do It Yourself

Got some old potato sacks? Don’t throw them away! Cut out simple geometric figures (pennant-like), take some white paint (and a stencil, if you like) and when those geometric forms have been assembled on a single cord, paint a phrase that best describes your love-life! A simple “love” might as well be the word! Decorate both ends of the cord with white tassels! Now you have acquired a nice, rustic and romantic bedroom decoration!

Tin can – checked, a nail and a hammer – checked. Now, pierce the can with all kinds of heart symbols and the names of you and your partner, if you like! And with a little work invested, you now have a wonderful DIY candle holder you can use every time you have a movie night!                                                                                                   

  • A Spherical lamp that’s made out of strings
  • Garland of electric lights around your bed place or the bedhead                          
  • Numerous electric bulbs at the ends of numerous cords hung above the wooden beams above your bed!  

Make them Cupids Fly! 

Deep dark red, golden accents and velvet beddings! A  bedroom with these elements is for those who like to interpret romance in the most intimate way possible. To lessen the potential single-color oppression, use black and white design accents against the red backdrop! Some golden ornamentations would do no harm and for a real “love nest” vibe you can use some draperies! What happens in bed, stays in bed, after all.

Romance by the Sea


To get the ethereal “by the seaside” look, obviously, you have to use as much white as possible. This is another case where drapery is welcomed, but under the rule that it’s transcendent and light (so that the wind from the nearby open balcony would delicately wave it). Do not use too many furnishings, maybe an old-looking (with a semi-peeled white paint on) nightstand or a rocking chair by the balcony! Big, light material curtains are essential! And a sight of the sea outside the window for a complete scene.

Sweet, Minimalist Wall Art Statements

Romantic wall art solutions can be applied to practically all of the afore-mentioned bedroom design variations. It can be sweet little series of wall art, something that depicts flowers, sensual feminine contours or a couple of lovers by the Eiffel! Anything that comes from the creative vaults of Virgola will definitely infuse an irresistible romantic cuteness! The size doesn’t matter, as even a little, framed canvas art above the bedhead will do the thing! Another option is to set up a romantic wall art collage, aesthetically united, depicting your own, unique love story!

How About Some Careless Whisper?

Hear that sax blasting? That’s the sound of a one of a kind romantic night coming in! Embrace the sensuality, sweetness and let those butterflies in your tummy do their thing. Even better when all of these sensations are experienced in appropriate surroundings! Surroundings that encourages to turn the night into a one to remember! The labor of love is a labor to have!

Your Romantic Artwork Checklist:

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