Your Dream Pillows. What do They Mean?

Your Dream Pillows. Cushion artwork.

As it is with most of the things around us, turns out that pillows can also have a huge significance with their cameo appearances in our dreams. Different meanings for different pillows with their different sizes, colors, and cuts.Despite this whole dream interpretation thing being somewhat questionable, Creame has studied and collected some intriguing explanations for this rare phenomenon so that you could finally make some sense out of your dream pillows! On the way – some seriously delicious cushion designs!

What Do They Stand For?

Your Dream Pillows. Cushion artwork by Balazs Solti.

Fake bear” by Balazs Solti

As it turns out, your dream pillows are somewhat of a hacking device to predict the financial dynamics of the stock market. Okay, to operate with your finances and make decisions that are based solely on the content of your dreams might not be the wisest thing to do, but there certainly is a correlation. A pillow in your dream might represent the following things: money, a husband, a wife, children or a confidant. From these five basic concepts hundreds of “subplots” can be made out. Scroll down to discover more!

Cushions and Your Financial Status

Your Dream Pillows. Cushion artwork by Mayka Can2ienova.

Realize” by Mayka Can2ienova

Pillow pals might actually affect your financial situation. Alright, they cannot affect it, but they can serve as a warning for the incoming difficulties or, on the contrary, signalize an approaching jackpot. As it turns out, a lot of cushions in one’s dream might be a sign of a troubled financial year. So, if there’s an overwhelming amount of throw pillows, be careful about your spending. Paradoxically, if the cushions seem to be worn-out and rather shabby you might actually get a raise in your salary! Indeed, cushions work in mysterious ways.

The Strength is not in Numbers

Your Dream Pillows. Cushion artwork by Balazs Solti2.

Dinner Time” by Balazs Solti

Feeling comfy in your pillow kingdom? Then it’s time to finally get up! By now it’s obvious that a lot of pillows, no matter how tempting a scenery like that may sound, generally is not a good tendency. A large amount of them means that the person might be stuck in this idyllic setting for far too long. And don’t judge the dream by its content, for a single but a really comfortable pillow in your dream, might indicate an unexpected prosperity. It can also represent a satisfaction with relationships or a desire to protect one’s self (with the pillow as a substitute for the shield). If there’s only a cushion cover with no filling, you might actually pack your bags for a journey. Be aware, though, that no matter how great the pillow seems to be, it’s never a good thing if you’re carrying it somewhere whilst drifting through your dream. Although this may also indicate the discovery of an unexpected treasure chest (earnings), it may also symbolize a serious illness. Now remember, if you carry a pillow in you dream, do the right thing and throw the devil away! Good health is the cornerstone of happiness.

For Ladies Only

Your Dream Pillows. Cushion artwork by Sofia Bonati.

Despina” by Sofia Bonati

Here it gets a bit more intriguing! Although contradictory to the title, regardless of the dreamer’s gender, a pillow in a dream may also symbolize a woman who knows another woman’s secret and keeps hiding it from the knowledge of others. Silken dream pillows are especially significant for younger women. Although this might sound like a run of the mill folk tale, dreaming about making one of these pillow pals indicates that the woman might  become a bride in the next couple of months! We guess that the same applies to men, with a slight difference of becoming a groom instead of wearing the white dress.

When It’s Totally Positive

our Dream Pillows. Cushion artwork by Virgola.

Vulcanamore” by Virgola

Despite the grim prospects that dream pillows might evoke, there’s also a good chunk of positive things they can stand for! First of all, if you see yourself playing with a pillow or actually hitting somebody with it, no matter how much it doesn’t make any sense as an analogy, you’ll enjoy a deed you’ve recently done or a goal you’ve just achieved. Throwing away a rather archaic pillow means that you’ll  get rid of a bad option (however, throwing away a glossy cushion might indicate that you’ll lose a good one). Taking pillow from another person or purchasing a new one might shake up your love-life! This is especially common for people who have just ended relationships  and want to set up new ones. If the roles are switched and it’s you who gives or sells the pillow, you might become the confidant who’ll relive your close ones by listening to their problems.

So, let’s draw some conclusions. Dream pillows are no a bad thing at all. Except if there are loads of them. Walking around with a pillow in your dream is a total no-no, so try your best to wake up if catch yourself gaddin’ around with the thing in your hand. Beating people with a pillow is great, for you’ll enjoy what you do in your daily life. We wish you only the best of what these dream pillows can offer!

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Your Dream Pillows. What do They Mean?
As it turns out, pillows can also have a huge significance as the subject of your dreams! Creame goes into yet another investigation to find the explanation behind your dream pillows!

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